ALR Tax & Accounting Services Make's Filing Your Taxes Easy

ALR Tax & Accounting Services Make's Filing Your Taxes Easy

Hire a tax preparer headquartered in the Bronx, NY. Serving surrounding communities.

Filing your taxes every year can be nerve wracking, not to mention complicated. If you transitioned into a higher-paying job, got married or purchased property, your taxes could be even more complicated than the previous year’s. That’s why you need the help of a personal income tax preparation service. ALR Tax & Accounting Services has the right team for the job.

We’re located in the Bronx, New York, but we work with clients who have relocated out of the city or the state. Call 347-913-4135 now to speak with a personal accountant and tax preparer about your needs.

Tax Return Preparation Services in Bronx, NY

3 promises from your trusted accounting firm

Would you like to reduce your tax burden? Choose a personal accountant at ALR Tax & Accounting Services for personal income tax preparation because we:

  1. Charge reasonable fees
  2. Offer sound tax advice
  3. Provide personalized service

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Dependable Tax Services in Bronx, NY

Personal tax preparation FAQ

Searching for a tax accountant in the Bronx, NY area? ALR Tax & Accounting Services is here to help. Here are some frequently asked questions first-timers have for our accountants:

What is a W-2?
A W-2 is a form that your employer must send to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to determine how much money you made in a given year. You’ll also learn the amount of federal, state and other taxes withheld from your paycheck.

When will I receive my W-2?
You will receive your W-2 by Jan. 31.

When is my tax return due?
April 15, or the following business day.

What happens if I worked more than one job in a given year?
You’ll get a W-2 for each job.

What documents will I need to bring to my tax accountant?
You’ll need these four things when you visit an accountant this tax season:

  • Information returns, which may include your W-2, SSA-1099 and 1099s
  • Receipts for medical costs, property taxes and job-related expenses
  • Charitable contribution records
  • Last year’s tax return

What can I expect during my tax preparation appointment?
First time filing your taxes with a pro? Good choice. Here’s a quick look into the process:
  • An accountant will get to know your unique situation
  • We’ll collect all the necessary data
  • We’ll search for deductions where possible
  • We’ll prepare the tax return

If you have any more questions about the tax preparation process, reach out to ALR Tax & Accounting Services today.