Alan has been our trusted tax advisor since 1984. We look forward to meeting with him every year. He is there for us both during the tax season and outside of the tax season as well. Whenever we have any tax or financial concerns we call Alan.

Stuart & Janice S.

We have been working with Alan since 1988. He has become over the years a very important part of our lives. He has helped us with our tax and financial needs and has given us comfort in knowing that whenever we have a concern, we reach out to Alan. We have invited him over to our house to celebrate Christmas and when his daughter was one year old, we were invited to her 1st birthday party.

James & Joan W.

We met Alan in 1996 when he took over the business from our former tax preparer who passed away a year before. We have developed a great relationship over the years. In fact, Alan and my wife share the same birthday. We live in Rochester NY and we come down to the Bronx every year to meet with him. Its like an annual reunion. When we come back to NYC in the summer time, we make it a point to meet with Alan and he takes us out to a nice restaurant for lunch.

Jose V. & Dilia O.

I have known Alan since 1980 and he has been the trusted tax advisor for myself, my mother, my sister and her husband. When we met annually to have our taxes prepared, we invited him over to my mother's home in the Bronx, and we all enjoyed a wonderful Italian Dinner on Sunday. He spent most of the day with us first doing our taxes and then sitting down and enjoying a wonderful dinner. It became an annual tradition!

Joanne S.

Alan was introduced to us back in 1987. Every year since, we have visited him in his office in the Bronx. We drive from Long Island to the Bronx every year to see him. My wife and I have developed a wonderful relationship with Alan, and we look forward to seeing him every year. He is there for us all year long! We were invited to his home, met his wife and daughter, and have seen his daughter grow from an infant to a grown woman. We speak during the year to check up on each other.

Augustine & Veronica S.

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